I like to shoot at your pace so there is no time-limit, rushing you won't get you the shots you need so we take our time. It's very important to me to get you quality work and the headshot you need. Im experienced in lightning, posing and composition and you will get value from that getting quality over quantity headshots.

The reason a great headshot takes time is to get the expression right, expression is key in a headshot and it will stop a viewer in their tracks.

We want the expression in your headshots to be confident and approachable, we get your there slowly or quickly either way but don't want the clock affecting this. I offer no limits on outfits, changes or looks.

During the session I will be coaching you on everything you need to know. We will talk about angles, position, expression to get that great shot.

It's all about your relaxed competent look, like you're in control of the situation. It's all about the first impression people subconsciously feel when they see our headshot. I like to play your favourite tunes in the background and have fun during the session. 

During the session I take a break with you to go over the shots we have taken, so we can see and adjust anything to get even better shots after. 

After we finished  our headshot session, we'll sit down and grab a beverage and review all images we shot.From there you'll  pick which images you want to be professionally edited and retouched, I'll give you as much input as you need what the best shots are. As well as the high resolution jpeg's, I'll make sure you receive the same shots that are custom size crops for social media platforms like LinkedIn. This will save you time and trouble resizing the shots after you receive them.

Session info

$100 per selected image


 plus $250 session fee

For this you receive:

  • Unlimited session time

  • Unlimited Outfit Changes

  • Pre-shoot preparation consultation  (including, Styling & Wardrobe Suggestions, Hair & Makeup Suggestions, & More)

  • One on One Post Session Advice For Image Selection

  • 5 star customer service that over 50 of my past clients have been kind enough to review me on Google Business Reviews 

At the end of the session, we'll sit down together, grab a beverage and go through the images. Your final images are chosen individually at the end of the session. This puts you in complete control of the final cost depending on how many images you decide on.
($100 per image - which includes professional retouching on each image selected)

I don't want you to pay for more than you need, and every person has different needs, not packaging images together makes sure you're not over committing or under committing in terms of how many images you require from the session. You can simply decide on the day.

I genuinely don't believe you'll find a better headshot photographer in the market. I'm fully committed to making sure your headshot is the very highest quality and is working for you and representing you in the way you need it to, while making you look great. A huge amount of my business is based on referrals. My aim is for you to leave the shoot and tell your friends all about your new headshots and what a great experience it was.

Your headshots are a really important tool in your career development and marketing. Don’t accept less than the very best representation of yourself.

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